In order to keep pace with modernization and to solve the problem of employment, Technical gun control in america essay Education is the crying need of poor and under developed country . The General Education is informatory and gives only factual Knowledge , but Technical Education gives us practical Knowledge.

This Education is job oriented , It can root out poverty and unemployment .A technocrat can set up his own enterprises and create employment opportunities for other also. National reconstruction as developed country vision 2020 is not possible without Technical Education because technically trained and skilled manpower will take the nation on the path of prosperity. We have always believed that the Further Education Sector is the Closest example of a truly comprehensive sector of education:

Technical education is a strategically important part of the education system especially at a time of massive transformations occurring globally. We strongly believe that one must understand history and attempt to learn from the lessons if one into Improve the situation in the future for employment is only Technical and Vocational Education. In these days of vast unemployment, tho general education provided a the college level is increasingly becoming irrelevant for early career seeking middle class youth, particularly for those who have rural background. It was also in line with the established policy of Govt. of Himachal Pradesh to Invite the private sector in the spread of Technical Education that an Institute in the name of GAYATRI INDUSTRIAL TRAINING INSTITUTE, had been established at Vill. JANDOUR in year 2007. The institution will be an undertaking of a trust called GAYATRI EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY, to translate his dreams internality, humble beginning has been made.

The Government of Himachal Pradesh has accorded recognition to this Institute vide letter No. STV( I) HE – 07 -01/2006 (PVT) GAYATRI (JAS) 15401 dated 25- June 2007. The ‘INDUSTRIAL TRAINING INSTITUTE will be governed by the rules and regulations as laid down from time to lime by the NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR VOCATIONAL TRAINING (NCVT), Ministry of Labour & Employment Govt. of India, New Delhi as the institute has been accorded affiliation by the said body vide letter No.DGET-6/813/2007-TC Dated 08 January 2008, 20 March 2009.30 July 2009 and 26 August 2010. The trades offered by this Institute are of full time duration. The Institute will also be made to ensure that all Trainee’s on successful completion of their training 8/3 absorbed in the Industry and in the Govt./Semi Govt. Organization. Inspite of all achievement, we further assure that we shall not rest our oars, or motto like Ulysses would be ………..• to strive to seek. to find and not to yield’ For that, example thesis propecia pris. we pray tor GOD’s Blessings and solicit cooperation from all well washers. We also express Our sincere gratitude for those who have helped to strengthen our hands for the attainment of our goal.

`Winners do not do the different things, they do same things in different way’
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